Video Storage Solutions

Launched in 2019, Video Storage Solutions (VSS), part of BCD International, supplies pre-engineered video appliances exclusively through authorized security distributors. All VSS appliances are validated to withstand the taxing video data write load and demands of video storage. Our engineering team has certified the bandwidth capabilities on each system.


Video Recording Appliances

Featuring appliances integrated with Milestone Systems XProtect ®, the M-Series configurations include Storage Accelerator options and a variety of form factors. While the V-Series maintains a professional grade build, it is cost-effective and includes options of single or dual-SSD operating system drives. Both include a Keep Your Hard Drive warranty.

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Management Appliances

Our management servers provide high performance to any deployment. Utilizing the latest technology, including single and dual Intel® processor configurations, high memory capacity, as well as NVMe and high endurance solid-state drives ensures maximum throughput.

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Client Viewing Stations

Our solutions deliver in both computing and decoding performance, plus reliability, and affordability. Each client viewing station is pre-engineered with the latest NVIDIA® GPUs and Intel® processors to provide performance that scales with any video surveillance project’s demands.

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Video Storage Accelerator

The state-of-the-art video storage accelerator dramatically increases storage scalability, performance, and reliability for Milestone appliances and eliminates the need for live video drives.

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Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty

  • Greater Security – Your sensitive data and hard drive never leave your control.
  • Compliance Enablement – Help comply with current data privacy regulations
  • Risk Mitigation – Proper control and disposition of sensitive data can prevent potential exposure of confidential customer data or intellectual property.
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Video Storage Solutions (VSS) supplies pre-engineered video appliances offered exclusively through authorized security distributors. Our flagship portfolio is integrated with Milestone Systems software.
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